Hospital Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the key element in the process of recovery following injures or surgical operations. The stay in the hospital includes early (after-treatment) rehabilitation.


rehabilitacj szpital.jpg
  • During the first day after surgery, rehabilitation consists of anticoagulant, anti-swelling and breathing exercises and activation of the operated area of ​​the body. These exercises take place in the patient's room.
  • Next day after the operation Patient is brought to upright position, start learning how to use crutches and walking upstairs. Appropriately picked physiotherapeutic treatment (cryotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound) help to cicatrize soft tissues and are antalgic.
  • From the second day improvement takes place in two professionally equipped remedial rooms. Physiotherapists will give Patient detailed briefing of exercises and tips with regard to daily activities for period of next 2 weeks,
  • from the second day, the improvement takes place on two professionally equipped rehabilitation rooms. Physiotherapists provide the patient with detailed instruction on the exercises for the next two weeks.
  • With moment of discharge from hospital, Patient will get briefing, prescriptions and contradictions in written form (exercises and photos).

Rehabilitation can be continued both in an outpatient setting and during a rehabilitation stay in our hospital, under the care of physiotherapists and operating physicians.