Gastrointestinal endoscopy

Endoscopy Offer

MedPolonia Hospital offers a full range of endoscopic examinations: completely painless and comfortable for patients colonoscopy and gastroscopy. The examinations are performed by specialist doctors in patient-friendly conditions. Gastroscopy allows effective diagnostics of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum and colonoscopyof the large intestine.

Both gastroscopy and colonoscopy have the opinion of unpleasant examinations, but conducted by qualified specialists and with friendly cooperation with the patient aren't long, and their annoyance is kept to a minimum. Treatments run painlessly in comfortable conditions under full anesthesia. During the procedure, an anesthesiologist and an anaesthesiologist nurse supervise the patient.

During the examination, HP tests are performed and, if necessary, collected histopathological sections and removed polyps.

Examinations are carried out using high-quality Olympus equipment.

 The examination can be performed on an outpatient basis and in the patient's hospitalization.

In the patient's hospitalization mode, the MedPolonia hospital provides:

  • one-day stay in the hospital,
  • preparing the patient for the examination by nurse and doctor
  • comprehensive tests necessary for full anesthesia,
  • specially adapted diet,
  • quick regeneration at the ward,
  • cozy single or double rooms, each with full bathroom, TV and Internet.

Patients over 70 years of age and in all patients with cardiological problems - prior anesthetic consultation is required, aimed at proper preparation for anesthesia and testing (eg the need for additional tests or specialist consultations). This also applies to chronically ill patients. In special cases (extremely rare), it may be necessary to be hospitalized at the ward after the examination.