LIPOGEMS is a purified and mechanically converted adipose tissue drew from the Patient in process of liposuction and thereafter implanted in the lesion where regeneration and repair of damaged tissue is required.

LIPOGEMS in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

LIPOGEMS containing great amount of stem cells allows major revitalization and rejuvenation of various parts of body for example face and hand skin. Procedure is minimally-invasive and single-stage without requirement of long-standing cell propagating in laboratory conditions and the effect is immediate.

Therapy is destined for middle-aged, whom adipose tissue has less volume, flopped or lost tense. Lipogems allows getting a younger look, correcting face shape and restore volume of tissues in desirable parts.

Method may be used not only in face area, but also in breast, buttocks enlargement, calf modeling and rejuvenation of back of hand as well as in treating injures that heals badly. LIPOGEMS improves blood supply, nourish, act anti-inflammatory and add volume.

Procedure may occur in regional anesthesia or for more sensitive Patients, in infusion anesthesia. Possible edema is minimal and can maintain up to 48 hours after therapy.


  • no risk of rejection of own fatty tissue
  • regional anesthesia – Patient is deinstitutionalized right after therapy
  • no edema or bruises
  • surface of skin is nourish/regenerated
  • long lasting effect

LIPOGEMS in orthopedics and sport medicine

Stem cells has unique possibility of transforming into specific cells of every tissue of human body, and also acts anti-inflammatory creating appropriate conditions for tissue regeneration.

Lipogems technology source stem cells in process of fine-needle liposuction and after preparation it is injected in injured part. Lipogems empower regeneration process.

Main indications for using Lipogems:

  • degenerative changes of joints and tendons
  • enthesopathy (tennis/ golfer’s elbow)
  • reconstruction of bone tissue and cartilage