Outpatient Clinic Obornicka

Modern interior, friendly atmosphere and qualified specialists – these are the symbols of MedPolonia Outpatient Clinic. We are offer a high level of paid medical consultations.

We are a comprehensive institutions offering a wide range of medical services in the diagnostics, treatment and prevention. We invite you to visit our two facilities located in Poznan, Poland at Obornicka Street 262 and Starolecka Street 42.


 Our Outpatients Clinic offers:

  • more than 30 medical specializations,
  • 10 diagnostic laboratories,
  • gastrointestinal endoscopic diagnostics,
  • more than 100 medical specialists,
  • analytical laboratory,
  • X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
  • 5 state of the art ultrasound.

We also offer, prenatal tests, Doppler echocardiography and a full range of outpatient services and nursing.

Diagnostics offer

Our motto, Noble health…, confirm that we treat it as a priority. Use your free time to do basic diagnostics tests matched to your age and situation.

For convenience of our Patients, following diagnostics packages are prepared:

  • Children Diagnostics package
  • Adults Diagnostics package
  • Seniors Diagnostics package

All this packages may be enriched with a special examination offerd by our hospital. We can prepare for our Patients a tailor made diagnostics package.