Hospitalization in the MedPolonia takes place on an comfortable and modern hospital ward. The ward has 28 beds in 19 single or double rooms, each with separate bathrooms suitable also for disabled guests, Wi-Fi and a TV. 

If necessary, there is a possibility that parent can stay together with a hospitalized child. For parent is provided a separate bed in the Patient's room.


Three meals per day individually tailored to the diet prescribed by your doctor, included in the price of staying in a hospital ward, are served to the Patient's room. 
The hospital has a kitchen where you can prepare a drink yourself. At the request of the Patient, the staff of the ward may, if possible, prepare tea or coffee.


To ensure a comfort of patients and their relatives, we have prepared a comfortable space for visitors. There is a reading corner where you can borrow books and playing area for children.

In order to raise the sense of safety of our patients, we prepare a deposit room, where valuable items can be stored


The team of Doctors and Nurses supervises the safety of patients all day. Professional and friendly nursing care allows patients to feel safe. Patients ' rooms and bathrooms' have ringtones, so you can call for help at any time.

Daily stay begins with the time of admission to the hospital and continues until 8:30 the next day. The stay may be extended by further days, if possible, for an additional fee. The length of stay in the ward is determined in accordance with the instructions of the Doctor.

On the day of arrival at the hospital, an admission procedure takes place, all required documents are collecting. With a ready history of illness, the Coordinator takes the Patient to the Ward, then the Nurses shows the room for Patient. Next, the Doctor and the Nurse inform the Patient about hospital stay, examinations, treatments and related recom


Concerned about your comfort, employees of the Hospitalization Department will prepare a comprehensive hospitalization plan for you, including examinations and consultations before the indicated operation, they also help you establish a convenient date of surgery and fully organize a stay in the ward.

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